Still Life Study : Lighting

Taking another perspective by studying light for still life subjects. My goal is to refresh my understanding of composition, light, shade, shape and colour. A departure from the usual expectations of product photography by focusing my concentration on the art of the image

Project 52 : A year of weekly projects

I am always looking for an opportunity to build my knowledge and to improve my skill set. The aim is to stretch my imagination (and yours) by applying the phrase ‘Making the mundane insane’ to as many images as possible over this 52 week period (See P52 Assignments)
Here are my favourite creations

Porto Life

I will always take up an opportunity to travel to Portugal. Great locations, fabulous models, amazing stylists and the weather was particularly kind to us. An extremely well organised three days of shooting on location in Porto.

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Falling Recipes

A personal project, inspired by images created by Pavel  Becker.  In portraying the falling recipes, I am concentrating on eye-catching composition with simple colours and the impression of motion.