Professional Headshot Guide for Clients – Download Page

Professional Headshot Guide for Clients – Download Page

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Professional Headshot eBook – The Essential Guide for Clients

This eBook is a follow up to Great Headshot: 7 Tips for Clients Seeking the Perfect Portrait.  I created this guide to help you get more from your professional headshot session. Whilst this information is useful for the person being photographed, it will also prove helpful to photographers who are new to the business of headshot photography.

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Here is the download for the Headshot eBook.


As new advice occurs to me, as I learn more and if working practices change, I will do my best to keep this guide up to date.

Updated 2017-03-03:
• Fixed a problem where the hyperlinks on the last two pages were not working correctly
• Reduced the file download size to less than 1MB

Here is an excerpt from the eBook:

Here are 10 important points to clarify with a prospective photographer. This list will prepare and help you to avoid any awkward situations before, during and after the session:

  1. Ask how long, on average, it takes before your final images are available and how they will be delivered. The usual process is that, soon after the session, your photographer will provide you with a pick list of potential images that have had minimal retouching. Once you have selected your preferred images from the pick list, your photographer will retouch and fully process your final images.
  2. Confirm with your photographer how long they will keep your images on file and accessible to you. Follow-up by asking them about requesting copy of your images if the need arises in the future, and if any additional costs will be incurred.
  3. The length of your session could be between one to four hours. The exact timings depend on type of images you have planned, the location and the number of wardrobe changes.
  4. If your session overruns a little in order to capture just the right shot, then you will…