Food Photography with Impact

Food Photography with Impact

“They need something that SCREAMS Chocolate!”

Where do you go with a brief like that? Food photography is my passion, and there are many options to choose from… lifestyle, still-life, extreme close-up, the list goes on. With the freedom to do my own thing then why not go bold, with a large helping of impact, rather than take a well trodden path to food photography?

“…search out the best quality and most fresh ingredients, hand picking only the most perfect of items”

To start, I always think about the hero of the image, and in this case I have free reign; an idea formulates immediately!  Just recently, I have been helping an ice cream producer to improve their in-house images and they just so happen to make the most delicious Belgian chocolate variety. The texture and colour are perfect.

That leaves me to search for the props. During my journey to find other chocolate produce, I keep in mind an important aspect of great food photography, to search out the best quality and most fresh ingredients, hand picking only the most perfect of items.

I am now in procession of more chocolate than at any other time in my life.  As I start unwrapping, melting, pouring and posing each of the items, the room, NO, the building, is filled with the appetizing aroma of cocoa. What an enjoyable environment to work in but I need to break from the camera to start assembling my ideas into what will be the first draft of the image.

Food Photography - Chocolate Galaxy First Draft

Chocolate Galaxy First Draft

It’s almost there, I can see what’s working and what is amiss… I have more product to photograph and I know exactly what I need. Chocolate is an amazing and versatile subject to work with; solid and shiny, creating dust clouds from powder, and then “Wow!” it comes together; that’s it, DONE!

Food Photography - Chocolate Galaxy

Chocolate Galaxy

Here’s a before and after view, just drag the slider left and right to compare the draft to the final image

This is My Chocolate Galaxy, food photography with impact…

…and if it doesn’t scream chocolate to you then I’ll take solace in a rather large bowl of ice cream sprinkled with all sorts of chocolaty delights.

Oh my, another idea has just sprung to mind!