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For a long time I’ve wanted to find an excuse to use a melting effect in Photoshop. At long last I got the perfect opportunity with the concept “HOT” as a P52 assignment; a perfect challenge for my ingenuity.

After some experimentation in Photoshop and a search of the web for melting effect techniques, I sketched out my idea and composition.

melting effect - Concept drawing for P52 Pro assignment 21: HOT

I took a whole bunch of pictures to use in the final composite image, here’s a sort of start to finish snapshot of my workflow. The yellow goo is custard, a great idea from my wife.

melting effect - BTS for Melting Efffect


I originally wanted a red background but I just couldn’t get it to look right. Instead, I tried the orange/yellow, which provided a better balance with the greeny-blue of the tee-shirt and dark blue jeans.

Here’s the final composite.

melting effect - P52 Pro assignment 21: HOT