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There are some people who have a natural skill at communication…

…whereas I struggle, this is where Manager Tools and DiSC have helped me.

I consider myself a problem solver, a techie type who is able to apply logic to pull things apart and put them back together again.  On the creative front, I’m okay. I believe I have an eye for colour and composition, and I can use my problem solving skills to supplement my shortfalls.  I am also a people person; I was taught to be polite, I like people and I care about their feelings. In the past, I couldn’t understand why these traits didn’t always help me to effectively communicate with everyone.

About Me - manager tools and disc

I want to share how DiSC helped work alongside a group of people I’d never met face to face before. In fact, we spent five days together on the road, tightly crammed into a minibus. As the miles sped by, we covered a multitude of topics. One subject I brought up was about DiSC profiling. It’s been described as “an instrument for focusing on behaviour”. The model suggests there are four types of behavioural style in which we all have differing levels of each. I have found DiSC useful for modifying my style to better interact with different people… this could include customers, colleagues and friends alike.

The road trip proved to be one of the most challenging opportunities to test my ability to apply the principles of DiSC. The methods are not perfect, you can’t (and shouldn’t) be constantly aware of how you and others behave, but overall, it was helpful in allowing me to better understand and respond appropriately to each of my new found group of friends.

For this reason, I highly recommend purchasing the DISC profile http://www.manager-tools.com/purchase-the-disc-profile as well as listening to the many freely available Manager Tools podcasts on the subject.

While on the subject of DiSC, a friend recently stated “…there is a lot of detail and complexity and I wonder how easy is it observe the traits of others and then act on these observations”.  I agreed, it is difficult. Much like anything, such as learning photography, it takes time and dedication to understand, see and apply the nuances of a new skill. I find that I concentrate on a small element, practice it, see if it works and then move onto the next.