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Yesterday, one of my friends mentioned ‘the lost hero’.

Suddenly, it was clear; I had lost sight of the reason for creating a particular image over my desire to create a well composed image. Here’s what I see, hopefully you get the feeling from my sketching. The left shows my final, nicely composed image and the right an attempt that seems more like it’s been thrown together:

lost heroIn both images, the lost hero is the baseball.  It is not immediately obvious, and this is further impacted my my use of an eye-catching but slightly inappropriate prop… The popcorn of course!  I have since found that popcorn does not bring back memories of the big baseball game in the same way that peanuts do – my US friends immediately connected with the right image.

I will be re-shooting a series of these images as a mini-project,…

…so getting back on track (thanks to my US friends) is very important to me.

Here’s one of my other ideas for the series, it needs work but the hero certainly stands out.

lost heroI’m aiming to complete this project within the next couple of weeks where the lost hero will be found. If you are interested, then please choose the option “Notify me of new posts by email” and post a comment at the bottom of this article.

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