Jack Daniel’s Product Shot

Ken came to visit for Sunday Dinner this weekend and brought along his Nikon camera. I’d promised we would do a shoot using flash.  I’m not that good a teacher but it’s a great way to self-learn when you try to explain what and why you are doing something. Drinking too much Jack Daniel’s does not help!  Anyhow, before we opened the bottle of Jack Daniels’s, we did get numerous shots with all types of lighting arrangement.

After packing away the equipment and uploading the images to the computer it soon became apparent that we had missed a few elements of the image – Photoshop to the rescue again along with some new-found tips from the recent Creative Live broadcast How to Be a Commercial Photographer.  Here’s the final image.

jack daniel's - JM Does JD


We also had a little time for me to take a quick snap of one of my favourite aftershaves. A little over-processed but hey, so is the scent 🙂

Rough Diesel


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