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I’m really enjoying the challenge set by the Project 52 Pro Summer assignments. It’s amazing, we’ve just had our week 17 live critique and I feel that my photography and appreciation thereof has improved tenfold.  Even better, that means there are 35 weeks of the course still remaining!

This past week I’ve been developing an idea on the theme of “The Magic of Hands”.  My plan was to show the hands as the multi-functional tools they are, and what better way than to show how effective they are as a cup!

Cupping HandsCreating the right light proved quite difficult but putting my trust in our teacher’s words, I re-tried bouncing my flash onto a white foam-core board. Here’s a sketch of the set-up.



I was happy with the light, had my “safe” shot and some extra time on my hands (sorry, couldn’t help the pun). Now I wanted to try and jazz things up to add a little drama into the scene.

Cupping Hands

Guess what?  Splashing water is a lot of fun and it brought back childhood memories; a time when life was more carefree and simple. Must visit there more often.

Here’s the Flickr page showing some of the other participant’s shots: Assignment 17: Hands