As a Commercial Photographer, My Business Story Begins with You.

I have helped to promote many businesses using high quality portrait, product and food photography.

The importance of customer service has always been apparent to me and I strive to provide a custom service whenever possible. This helps me to create what you need and then to offer something more. My business truly is your business.

Based in High Wycombe, I support a wide range of local, national and international businesses as a specialist commercial photographer. I design strong, dynamic and compelling images that tell your story. My inspiration is drawn directly from the time, effort and passion you have invested in your services and products.

My Business and Your Business in Collaboration

I offer a fully collaborative service. This means that I will spend time with you to understand and create the images that you and your business need; sketches, storyboards, test shoot, location scouting, whatever it takes…

Preparation along with a detailed proposal will give us the advantage of having an action plan, a solid concept and our expectations set in advance of the shoot. During the shoot, we will get close to what we need almost immediately, which will give us time to fine-tune our plans as we work. Throughout and whenever feasible, you will be able to see the images on a laptop screen so that we can make adjustments as necessary.

Shortly after the session we will post a gallery of images, with basic retouching, for you to select from.  We concentrate on the very best images, allowing us to focus our post-processing effort to deliver the highest quality images we possibly can.

I provide a service tailored to suit you, which delivers value to the both of us.

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