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Following on from a previous post “Glorious Adventure“…

…the P52 group headed north from Phoenix to stop over at Flagstaff; from there we headed further north with our first photo-op being an abandoned motel-come-gas station. Talk about creepy!

Motel Room Door - abandoned

Looking back, I wonder how I was so senseless to have wandered off alone – maybe it was the false comfort of having a large group within earshot.

Tumbleweed Trapped on Stairwell - abandoned

The thing is, I’ve seen the movies and the victims never get a chance to shout out as they’re dragged away unconscious…

Crack Pavement and Stairs - abandoned

…back to reality, and the abandoned motel… I managed to get away with a few images that I hope significantly portray the special atmosphere of the place.

Looking Through a Dirty Window - abandoned

Graffiti on Tanks - abandonedGreat fun and this is just the beginning of the road trip.



A Scottish road trip, 1,500 miles and plenty of wild weather…

such a great four days spent travelling around some of the most spectacular countryside on a Scottish road trip. It’s been one of those trips meant simply to take photographs but how could I resist the urge to slow down, relax and take things just as they come and that’s exactly what I did – no stress, work a million memories away and the challenge of wet and winding roads through the mountanous terrain.

We arrived at Queen’s View on Loch Tummel at 5am following an eight hour drive from the south of England. Caught up on some sleep until daybreak, waited for the rain to ease and the sun to peep over the hillside. What a start to the trip and I am glad we stayed put for a couple of hours as we were rewarded with a RAF Hercules flying directly at us down the Loch.

Scottish Road Trip

scottish road trip - Scottish Landscape

scottish road trip - Sunlight and Waterfalls

There are more images from the four days on my Flickr stream: Scotland Autumn 2012