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Following on from a previous post “Glorious Adventure“…

…the P52 group headed north from Phoenix to stop over at Flagstaff; from there we headed further north with our first photo-op being an abandoned motel-come-gas station. Talk about creepy!

Motel Room Door - abandoned

Looking back, I wonder how I was so senseless to have wandered off alone – maybe it was the false comfort of having a large group within earshot.

Tumbleweed Trapped on Stairwell - abandoned

The thing is, I’ve seen the movies and the victims never get a chance to shout out as they’re dragged away unconscious…

Crack Pavement and Stairs - abandoned

…back to reality, and the abandoned motel… I managed to get away with a few images that I hope significantly portray the special atmosphere of the place.

Looking Through a Dirty Window - abandoned

Graffiti on Tanks - abandonedGreat fun and this is just the beginning of the road trip.



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  • Tracy says:

    I really like the bleakness you found here. It makes me wish I had wandered off myself.

    • solutionary says:

      Thanks Tracy, it’s great how we all went off in our own directions – what I like is that we all come away with unique perspectives of the same place.

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