September 2014


I certainly did enjoy taking in the sights…

…cuisine and culture of Bucharest, and what a cultured city it is.

Firstly, the food… I had already scouted out a few good restaurants so when we mistakenly stumbled upon ‘the Artist’ it was a relief to break for lunch away from the midday sun. The staff are fabulous, the chef is a genius, and the food is divine.

Lunch at the Artist Restaurant - Bucharest Lunch at the Artist Restaurant - BucharestIt was so enjoyable that we vowed to come back…

…later that week for an evening meal (and so we did, but I recommend you book to ensure you get in)

There is a great selection of coffee shops in Bucharest with influences from France and Italy. In fact, we enjoyed tracking down out of the way cafés as well as the popular ones including ‘Camera din Fata‘, ‘Origo‘ and a three out of six of the ‘ Chocolat’ boutiques (just look at their menu to see why we visited three times).

Chocolate Cake Time - BucharestThat’s just the eating, and having so many great places to regain our energy allowed us to explore the many of Bucharest’s museums, galleries, government buildings, parks, theatres , monuments and the old city.