July 2014

This is the tale of a finger hurting couple of days from back in August 2013…

When the P52 assignment “Red Balloon” was posted I already knew I was clean out of stock of these entertaining little rubber bladders! I immediately searched the Internet for some supplies and found a whole host of balloons including those clowning favourites “modelling balloons”. With an idea forming in my head, I ordered a range of colours and sizes, making sure that red was the most numerous.

YouTube, being the great visual resource that it is, has a multitude of tutorials on creating basic balloon flowers.  Oh yes, a balloon vase filled with balloon flowers seemed like the perfect idea.  I soon found that even the most simple of the instructional videos was beyond me. With much sweating, cussing and many misshapen and exploding balloons later, I conceded. One thing was for sure, following the strict instructions of balloon twisting is not for me.  Well, not all was lost, I had learned some basic moves so maybe it was time to go freestyle and forget the rules.

Starting with a backbone and ribs, Balloon Man started to take shape. Arms, legs and joints soon followed!  Sure, there was some popping and a little deflation but something was forming; and hey, this was going to be big, super-size even.

Here’s the elements that were used in the finished image.

The elements of Balloon Man

Today, I can see what I would do differently but this was a great experience that I am unlikely to repeat. However, one should never say “Never” and the lessons learned are simple; you should play to your strengths, bolster your weaknesses and realise there are often alternative routes to your goal.

Balloon Man - the final image