March 2014

I recently embarked on a glorious adventure.

A journey that took me over five thousand miles from home to meet up with my fellow Project 52 group members.

We spent two days in and around our tutor’s (Don Giannatti) studio in Phoenix, Arizona. This was followed by a five day trip north into the country that rekindled memories of Lone Ranger matinees and John Wayne movies.

During the first couple of days, we had the opportunity to photograph five models. Never having experienced a working studio, let alone directing “real-life. human” models, I was more than a little overwhelmed; I am sure others in the group felt much the same.  No matter, Don’s helpful and patient demeanor soon had us feeling comfortable, as he provided measured encouragement and advice while  letting us solve our own problems. To stretch us further, Don split us into smaller groups and sent us out into Downtown Phoenix to photograph the models in a more challenging environment.

Here are some of the resulting images from this fabulous weekend in Phoenix.

I like this photo of Ivy with her direct eye contact

Glorious Adventure - Ivy in the Studio

Ivy takes five between photo sessions

Glorious Adventure - Ivy in the Studio-2

An impromptu still life

Glorious Adventure - Coffee Break

Downtown with Jeremy. I recently discovered the pleasing news that Jeremy is using this photo as his Facebook profile image

Glorious Adventure - Looking the "Business"

Downtown with Briana. An unwavering trooper and treasure, who would be with us the entire road trip.

Glorious Adventure - Tree Light with Briana

Downtown with Ivy as she busts some moves. Back-lit from a quickly setting sun.

Glorious Adventure - Busting Moves with Ivy

While writing of this post, I was reminded of how the group were united through a common goal and worked together to form a well-rounded team. This diverse set of individuals shared part of themselves while offering each other support as needed.

In the next post, this glorious adventure continues with the first leg of the road trip – from Flagstaff to Springdale and so many stops in between.

A huge thank you to our models; Briana, Ivy, Adrian, Jeremy and Garratt for putting up with us bunch of mad-hat photographers.