January 2014

I had a blast putting together my first videos; the making of apple splash.

You can freely download and use the actual RAW files used to create the final image from the bottom of this page.

Here’s part one where the images are created.

The second is where the images are prepared in Photoshop

The third finishes preparing the images and starts to put things together

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqOCncAppyo&vq=hd720&width=500&modestbranding=1&rel=0&autohide=1[/embedyt]
The fourth video completes the set is here.


Here are the RAW (Lightroom DNG format) images you can freely download

Note: They are from 17MB to 26MB each

The final image may need a little fine-tuning but the concept worked for me.

making of apple splash - P52 Summer Assignment 26: “Wet” #3

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What a fun weekend playing with water during the short time the sun showed it’s face.

It all started as an idea, here’s a sketch of my original concept.

Concept Sketch Wet

So how to achieve this in a photo?

I don’t mind water but to get this right would require many shots and as many changes of clothes.

First things first, let’s get the water right. Aiming the garden hose at a sheet of Perspex just didn’t work; this created way too much spray, and other than soaking the camera (and photographer) it would be almost impossible to isolate the splash from the background.

Spray Hose Splash

Eventually, I tried a small bucket of water. This proved far more effective and created interesting shapes as it arced through the air, even the splash was more controlled.

Splash Bucket

At the computer, it was fairly easy to isolate the water using Photoshop.

Bucket Splash Cutout

Almost there but the background could be better, then I looked up at that clear’ish blue sky, just the job!

Bucket Splash in Sky

Back to Photoshop for a little experimentation… I had a substitute image to practice on, a lovely red apple that I’d shot a day or so before. I bit of Photoshop layer masking / blending and a filter or two later, and here are the final Apple Splash images.

Wet Apple Splash

Making Apple Splash has been fun with surprisingly effective results. I hope I will be able to use my new found techniques and do the original concept some justice. Click on any image on this page for a closer view or click here to see even bigger photos on my Flickr site.

**Update: Kept with the red apple theme for the assignment submission but will try to complete the original concept in the near future

Red Apple Splash in a Globe

For a long time I’ve wanted to find an excuse to use a melting effect in Photoshop. At long last I got the perfect opportunity with the concept “HOT” as a P52 assignment; a perfect challenge for my ingenuity.

After some experimentation in Photoshop and a search of the web for melting effect techniques, I sketched out my idea and composition.

melting effect - Concept drawing for P52 Pro assignment 21: HOT

I took a whole bunch of pictures to use in the final composite image, here’s a sort of start to finish snapshot of my workflow. The yellow goo is custard, a great idea from my wife.

melting effect - BTS for Melting Efffect


I originally wanted a red background but I just couldn’t get it to look right. Instead, I tried the orange/yellow, which provided a better balance with the greeny-blue of the tee-shirt and dark blue jeans.

Here’s the final composite.

melting effect - P52 Pro assignment 21: HOT